Karnali River Fishing in Nepal
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Karnali River Fishing - 14 days

Karnali River is one of the largest and longest rivers of Nepal. Karnali River is the habitations of beautiful dolphins along with soft shelled turtles and mansheer fish and other aquatic animals. Similarly, Karnali River is also one of the adventurous rivers of Nepal. The fishing at the Karnali River is combined with the beautiful sightseeing of the natural resources of the surrounding along with the rafting at the fast flowing water of the Karnali. While trekking towards the Karnali River, we will be pleased with the glorious view of the varieties of flora and fauna presented at the local surrounding. The flow of the Karnali River will increase in great portion after the monsoon rain. Thus, fishing at the Karnali River will helps us to gain so much experience in both rafting as well as fishing with the combination of great view of the surrounding.

The fishing trip to Karnali is designed for those tourists who want to have unique experiences in their life apart from the trekking. Along with the fishing the visitors can have the better experiences of the tour at the beautiful Bardiya national park. In Karnali River we can find different types of fishes. Among the different beautiful fishes of the river, golden mahseer is one of the most beautiful fishes of the river. Thus Karnali is one of the ideal rivers of Nepal for the mahseer fishing. Fishing at the Karnali will be best during the time of February till April and October to November.

Karnali River Fishing Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Kolhapur
From Kathmandu we will take the drive to the Kolhapur following the main trail. The drive will go for several hours to reach at Kolhapur. The night will be fantastic at Kolhapur.

Day 02: Drive to put in and flow down river
From Kolhapur, we will drive to reach at the Karnali beach and then we will flow down the river to start our fishing at the Karnali River. The night will be at the campsite enjoying with the friends.

Day 03: Rafting and fishing
Today we will be busy all the day on doing fishing and rafting. We will wake up early in the morning and after enjoying the refreshing breakfast we will get on the river to do the fishing later on we will return to the camp to have the lunch and after then we can do some rafting at the Karnali river.

Day 04: Camping and fishing
The whole day of today will be spending doing the fishing and camping. We will wake up early in the morning to have the refreshing breakfast at the camp and after that we will do the whole day fishing at the Karnali River. The night will be at the camp enjoying and resting with friends.

Day 05:  Raft towards the jungle Ghat
Today we will raft towards the Jungle Ghat following the Karnali River. Then, we will stop at the scorpion beach to have the fantastic view of the surroundings. Furthermore we will do the fishing at the river.

Day 06: Fishing at scorpion beach
Early morning after having the breakfast we will visit around the beach viewing the glorious view of the surroundings and then we will return to the river to do fishing. With a continuous and hourly effort we can catch the beautiful fishes at the Karnali River.

Day 07: Raft down
From the scorpion beach we will raft down towards the God's house. After reaching at the god's house we will be busy doing fishing and rafting the whole day. The night will be at tented camp.

Day 08: camping and fishing
We will spend a day at the God's house to do the whole day fishing at the Karnali River. The whole day fishing at the Karnali River will be enchanting anyways. The fishing at the Karnali River for the whole day will be experiencing as well as interesting too.

Day 09: Raft down to Seti Karnali and camping
We will raft down to the Seti Karnali. The rafting will be interesting to do in the fast flowing river. After a short rafting for the day we will camp at the beach of the Seti Karnali enjoying the great scene of the surroundings along with the fast flowing water. The night will be best at the campsite enjoying with friends.

Day 10: Camp and fishing
Today, we will be busy doing all day fishing and rest in the leisure time. We will have our breakfast, lunch and dinner at the camp. The time except the dinner, breakfast and lunch time will be spending at the river doing some fishing.

Day 11: Seti Karnali fishing and camping
We will do the fishing and camping at the Seti Karnali River. Here, we may get varieties of fishes. Thus, the day will be fun catching some beautiful fishes along with some rest at the tented camp. The night will be at camp enjoying with friends.

Day 12: Raft down to Thuli Ghat and camping and fishing
From Seti Karnali, we will raft towards the Thuli Ghat enjoying the great sceneries and flowing of the river. The night will be doing fun at the Thuli Ghat enjoying with friends. The night will be at the camp.

Day 13: Rato Bhale gaun camping and fishing
Today, we will spend the day camping and fishing at the Rato Bhale gaun. The village is rich in cultural and traditional point of view. Thus camping and fishing at the Rato Bhale gaun will be experiencing as well as interesting too.

Day 14: Raft to Ghatu Gaun near Bheri confluence and fishing
From the Rato Bhale gaun camping, we will raft towards the Ghatu gaun enjoying the great sceneries of the surroundings. We will reach at the confluence of the Bheri River rafting along the way. The leisure time will be spending at the Ghatu Gaun doing fishing at the river side.

Day 15: Take out at Chisapani and back to Kathmandu
After a short rafting and fishing at the Bheri River, we will take out at the Chisapani and then we will return back to Kathmandu. To return to Kathmandu we can choose either roadways or the airways. The roadways will be little tougher than the airways.

Trip Cost

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Price Included

  • Airport pick up & Airport drop
  • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu as per itinerary
  • Full day guided Kathmandu city tour
  • Drive to Rafting starting point by Private Transportation
  • Drive back to Kathmandu after fishing by Private transportation
  • All meal during fishing trip
  • Fishing Boat, safety Kayak
  • Lifejacket, Helmets, Paddles
  • Export guide, safety kayaker, cooking man & necessary helpers
  • All camping gear during trip (Tent, Mattress, Sleeping bag)
  • Safety drum, Dry bag, through bag
  • first aid kid box
  • Necessary permits

Price not included

  • All bar & beverage
  • Nepal entry visa fees
  • All airfares
  • Personal medicine
  • Travel insurance of travelers
  • Meal in Kathmandu
  • Extra activities in Kathmandu (mountain flight, short hiking etc)
  • Clothes for personal use
  • Tips 10% compulsory trip staffs

What do you need to bring

  • Fishing equipments (Fishing rod, Fishing reels, Fishing lures)
  • Dry bag for personal use
  • Sleeping bag for personal use
  • some pair of clothes for personal use
  • Snacks for Personal use
  • Shoes, sandles/Tiva etc
  • Base ball het, Sunglass
  • Body care suns creens
  • Soap, Shampoo, body oil etc